I am a ABD PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, College of Information Studies.

My research extends across learning, play and games studies, and the social dimensions of networked communication. My current personal research focus is on video game streaming, specifically from a perspective of streamed gameplay as a performance of the self as a player of games.

Career History:

Starting at NYU: Steinhardt
September 2017

I will begin a postdoctoral position with my former academic advisor, Dr. June Ahn, in September of 2017. I am proud to continue to work with June, exploring technology, learning, and games as part of a talented and multi-disciplinary team.

Graduated from the Information Studies PhD
May 2017

On May 30th 2017 I proudly defended my dissertation, thanks to the dedication, guidance, mentorship, and support of my family and friends, my advisor, and the academic community at Maryland. My dissertation, Performing Play: Cultural Projection on Twitch.tv, examined live-streaming of digital games. Specifically the way that streamers performed both their personal identities, and their identities as players of games, and the ways that practice produced, reproduced, and modified game culture.

Joined the NSF ARG Team
June 2014

In 2014 I joined a multi-year project to design, develop, and implement two large-scale alternate reality games (ARGs). Alongside Kari Kraus, Derek Hansen, and June Ahn, I worked as a GA in both a design and research role. I developed several systems, games, and also lead numerous research projects for the ARG team.

Joined Sci-Dentity Team
September 2012

Sci-Dentity was a multi-year program funded by the NSF. Its goals were to understand informal learning pathways formed by engagement with science fiction. I joined the project as a graduate assistant, acting as a facilitator, designer, and researcher.

Graduated from the MLS Program and started PhD
May 2012

During my time in the Maryland MLS, I realized that I loved researching, designing, and exploring the problems posed in my Masters' coursework. Specifically, I began to see the play and socialization surrounding digital games as an information behavior. This lead me towards the PhD program, and to partner with my advisor, Dr. June Ahn.

Began an MLS at Maryland iSchool
September 2010

Spurred by my experiences as a public librarian, I decided to pursue an MLS at Maryland. Here, I joined the Information for Diverse Populations concentration, helping me to frame information use as intrinsically linked to issues of social justice.

Worked as a Public Librarian

I worked as a public librarian for the Cecil County system in Maryland. This helped me to realize the importance of information behavior and literacy as research topics