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Research Statement

Learning + Play + Socialization

For my entire life I have been playing games. On the couch with friends an family, on tabletops, on television screens, and across networks. My life as a player has shaped other aspects of my personality: how I persevere, how I approach challenges, how I conceptualize the larger systems of the economic and political spheres. My work seeks to understand play and games as they exist as social systems, and specifically the ways that we learn and share information within those systems.

Researching + Understanding + Designing

To approach my research interests, I apply a mixture of methods,

Qualitative: I believe in the power of contextualized, social
research. Through building understanding at the individual and group level we can develop rich theories that help to explain the day-to-day lived experience of play.

Quantitative: Through mixing methods, I seek to place my qualitative findings into perspective. Games are systems of both people and data, and innovative approaches that blend ways of knowing are necessary to fully comprehend the complex sociality that is often contained in play.

Cooperative Design: As a designer, I want to put my findings into practice. However, it is important that designers partner with their audience: involving them as fellow creators. By taking a cooperative approach to design, we can build better, more inclusive game systems.